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Glutamine Protein 300G
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Glutamine Protein 300G


Glutamine plays crucial roles in the protein metabolism, cell extent, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles. Glutamine has been linked to protein synthesis, which retains your muscle from being catabolic in order to contribute Glutamine for other cells in the body. Glutamine may serve to boost your immune system. For bodybuilders, this is important since heavy intense workouts tend to greatly replenishing drain Glutamine levels. Hulkboosters’ Glutamine is produced in the muscles and is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it. It is a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system.



Serving Per Container – 60, Serving Per Scoop – 1 Tea Spoon (5g)
Amount per Serving %Daily Value
L – Glutamine 5 g
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